what do we do?

While many management consulting firms strive to be all things to all clients, Jenner Group recognizes that achieving convergence and excellence with clients involves discipline and focus on our core competencies. While we will actively work with clients to find the right solution to meet their business goals, our core consulting services include Project/Program Management, Strategic Management Consulting, and Business Communications Consulting:

Project / Program Management

Jenner Group understands that strong project management significantly improves a project’s chance for success. We offer Project Management services and tools designed to keep our clients’ project in control, delivering on time and on budget. Our methodology leverages industry best practices based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) coupled with extensive experience. While we pride ourselves on our understanding of project management best practices, we equally pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible, to develop solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs. Our team of experienced consultants can help our clients:

  • Manage projects through their full lifecycle, from Initiation to Close-Out
  • Establish a Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Manage a project portfolio
  • Evaluate the health of a project
  • Augment their project management teams
  • Improve their project management teams through customized Project Management training

Strategic Management Consulting

One day, a client wakes up and recognizes that the business isn’t performing as needed. Or a new initiative gets mandated. Or one of a thousand other things occurs that makes clients realize that something has to change. That’s where leveraging the expertise and outside perspective brought by a management consultant can help. Jenner Group’s team of experienced consultants can help clients navigate these seas of change and improve their organization’s performance through:

  • Business process analysis and reengineering – Sometimes an organization can realize significant improvement through incremental process change, while at other times large-scale process improvements are required. Jenner Group can help clients organization identify ways to improve their business by identifying process weak points and developing improvements that lead to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved processing times.
  • Strategic Planning – Strategy is about choice: what one chooses not to do is as important as what one chooses to do. Jenner Group can help improve organizational performance through a disciplined strategic planning process involving:
    • Visioning Sessions
    • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis
    • Environmental assessments
    • Metrics development
    • Communication and strategic plan implementation
    • Performance monitoring
  • Facilitation – Decisions. Planning. Setting a direction. All involve meetings, sometimes with large groups, sometimes with small. Jenner Group offers expertise in meeting facilitation to ensure that a client’s meeting reaches its goals. Our skilled facilitators ensure that organizations can create solutions and achieve decisions with a high degree of understanding and acceptance among participants. We achieve this through:
    • Facilitation Planning – we’ll help determine who should be in the meeting, what goals are in focus, and how to achieve the goals through a structured facilitation guide and agenda.
    • Facilitation Execution – we’ll set the boundaries for participants while ensuring that they know the session’s goals. We’ll also capture agreements, mediate disagreements, and align on next steps.
    • Follow-Up – we’ll work with clients on whatever follow-up items emerge from the session, ensuring that post-session documentation gets created and that action items are completed.

Business Communications Consulting

You need your audience to understand your message. You need to get and keep their attention. You need to take them where you need them to go, to follow you on your journey. These communications objectives are increasingly important in all aspects of business, from executive presentations to sales meetings, to conflict resolution, to managing projects and daily operations.

Jenner Group understands the value of commanding an audience. We offer individual coaching and workshops for business professionals who wish to give compelling presentations. Our instructional methods provide clients with hands-on, practical strategies for improving their presentations as well as demonstrations of effective presentations. No two workshops are the same, however, because we tailor each session to our clients’ unique needs.
Jenner Group offers individual coaching and group workshops on:

  • Effective presentations, incorporating storytelling and storyselling
  • Message building
  • Storytelling in business presentations
  • Storyselling
  • Effective visual material in business presentations
  • Effective delivery of presentations
  • Use of video-recording to improve presentational skills

Workshop participants will also receive a written evaluation that includes recommendations for continued practice. Most importantly, you will have continued telephone and email access to our coaches for follow-up questions and advice.