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Do Project Managers Really Have to Take Hostages?

February 24, 2013  |   General,Project Management   |     |   0 Comment

In the 1998 film The Negotiator, Samuel L. Jackson plays Danny Roman, a Chicago police hostage negotiator wrongfully accused of killing his partner. Roman pursues the desperate action of taking hostages (actually, key members of the Chicago Police Department) so he can buy time to prove his innocence. In a race against the very police force he both works for and has taken hostage, he must negotiate with Chris Sabian, played by Kevin Spacey, another veteran CPD hostage negotiator who’s charged with peacefully ending Roman’s siege – all while battling police corruption and an overzealous SWAT team leader seeking to end the situation at whatever cost. How in the world, you might ask, does this relate to project management? Must project managers take hostages as part of their jobs? Well, no…at least I hope not. But it may relate more than you think since project managers often find themselves in negotiations over scope, schedule, cost, stakeholder expectations, team member needs, and a myriad of other items necessary to deliver a project that meets their customers’ needs. I got to thinking about project management and negotiation after reading 12 Essential Negotiating Strategies For Consultants. As the title suggests, the article describes ...