Welcome to Jenner Group

Our aim is simple.

Jenner Group’s aim is simple: to be the best at helping our clients improve their businesses by delivering exceptional management consulting services. How do we do that? By partnering with our clients to tackle the hard questions and take on the tough tasks.

Jenner Group was founded with a simple vision: to be one of the top firms – not in size, but in providing quality of service to customers – in the Midwest.

To reach our vision, we approach each engagement focused on our clients’ needs, while constantly reminded of the commitment we make to ourselves as we support our clients:

Earn trust

Our goal is to become a trusted advisor, teaming closely with our clients so they complement us with referrals and offers of repeat business.

Deliver results

We’ll deliver what we promise. Because that’s what makes our clients successful.

Ladder up

Clients need us to understand the big picture and the details. We will be where we need to be on the ladder – up high, on the ground, and in between as clients’ demands dictate.

Anticipate “next”

We don’t like surprises, and neither do our clients. And changing business situations by definition involve surprises. So we constantly seek to understand “what’s around the corner,” positioning our clients for success.

Take risks

Our clients hire us to help change the status quo. That means we’ll need to partner with them through challenges. Fortunately, we’ve got enough experience to identify risks and mitigation actions up front. Remember: no risk, no reward.

Project/Program Management
We understand that strong project management improves a project’s chance for success. We offer our clients tools designed to keep your project in control, delivering on time and on budget.


Strategic Management Consulting
Our team of experienced consultants can help clients improve their organization’s performance through business process analysis and strategic planning.


Business Communications Consulting
You need your audience to understand your message. You need to get and keep their attention. Jenner Group offers coaching and group workshops on effective presentations, message building, and storytelling.